Foamed PVC


Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC is a material made from natural raw materials: sodium chloride (common salt) and oil (or natural gas) through closed, slightly expanded cells. It is very light (half the rigid PVC), very homogeneous and has a fine cell structure so it is very suitable for works where lightness of materials is important.

Foamed PVC plates make its low cost even more profitable thanks to easy handling, requiring no specific tools or methods.


  • Density: 0.7.
  • Very light.
  • Self-extinguishing M1.
  • Good insulation properties.
  • Highly rigid, not brittle.
  • Absorbs vibrations.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and corrosive agents.
  • Easy to handle, can be folded cold.
  • It can be painted, printed, sawed, drilled, engraved or milled as desired.
  • Does not absorb water.



Foamed PVC has many applications, such as:

  • Photo montages and window dressing.
  • Theatrical and television scenarios.
  • Selling, fairs and display stands.
  • Signposting.
  • Signs and corporate letters.
  • Printed posters.
  • Very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

At Plásticos Bogoan, we provide this material in plates (white and colored) of standard sizes (3050x2050mm, 3050x1220mm or 3050 x 1560), of different thicknesses (2 to 19mm for white and 3 to 5mm for colored) and processed products: printed posters, milled letters, fretsawed plates with shape, etc.


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