Laser Cutting


Its energy source is a laser that concentrates light into the surface of the material. The contribution of a pressurized gas such as oxygen or nitrogen is necessary for power cuts.

This machine offers a perfect finish of highest quality on the plastic materials we work with, in addition to an infinite range of possibilities and forms giving rise to fast production.

All the processes are carried out with the maximum precision and efficiency provided by this type of technology



The finish of the laser on the edges, unlike the panel saw, is polished and shining.

One of the advantages it has is that all sorts of forms can be cut on the material.



Maximum measures for plates to be cut with laser are:

  • Width 2000mm.
  • Length: 3000mm.
  • Thinkness: 30mm.



Every kind of material can be cut with laser, save those whose composition includes “chlorine”, as PVC and Polycarbonate (with those materials we use the milling machine).


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