Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer with multiple presentation forms. Light, very versatile and economical, it is easy to manipulate, print and screen print. It can be cut, drilled, notched out or embossed. In plastics Bogoan, we have this material in 4 different formats, with glossy or matt faces:

  • Glass polystyrene: transparent, rigid and brittle.
  • Matt polystyrene (arraglas)): antirreflex, is very suitable as protection for plates, posters and pictures avoiding reflections. Very light plates.
  • Living Water Polystyrene: plates with relief in the form of “drops”.
  • Anti-shock Polystyrene (white or black)): resistant, opaque, with a glossy and a matt face.


  • Great dimensional stability to heat.
  • Food quality.
  • Stiffness and high hardness.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Extraordinary dielectric values. (Excellent electrical insulator).
  • High brightness.
  • Light transmission of 90% in the visible spectrum and in UV band rapid increase of light absorption.
  • No sudden changes in its properties at low temperature.
  • Low tendency to water absorption.



Its applications are very diverse due to the high number of types:

  • Display stands.
  • Photo frames and pictures.
  • Shower screens.
  • Indoor signposting.



At Plásticos Bogoan, we provide this material in sheets of different colors, sizes, thicknesses and finishes (gloss, matt or both).


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