Full plastic plates formed by a foamed polystyrene core and two solid polystyrene faces.

These panels are light and completely resistant to moisture. Their surface layers are resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays, making them the only light panels in the whole world able to withstand up to two years of outdoor application without major changes in color.

Besides, the compound contains only 100% recyclable polystyrene, so it fully meets the requirements concerning the use of ecological materials in visual communication.


  • Direct digital printing. Surface supporting all types of inks.
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents and conditions.
  • Excellent surface and versatility, for flat printing machines.
  • Su sencilla manipulación lo convierten en fácil de cortar, taladrar, fresar, etc.
  • Superficie ligera, estable, dura e inmune a la humedad.
  • Resistencia a temperaturas entre -10 ºC y +70 ºC.
  • High degree of stiffness with very low weight.



Due to its characteristics, it is an ideal material for:

  • Outdoors signposting.
  • Advertising signage.
  • Marketing events.
  • Decoration.
  • Display stands, etc.



At Plásticos Bogoan, we provide this material on white plates of different thicknesses and measures, cut according to the needs of the client.


For further information please contact our offices.

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