Teflon (PTFE) is a polymer with high molecular weight. It is among the most versatile plastics in the market since it needs some specific transformation techniques for the preparation of semi-finished products, from which processed products are obtained.

It can be used in continuous use from -200ºC a +260ºC.


  • High resistance to high temperatures.
  • High anti-adhesiveness.
  • Complete intertia to all solvents and chemical substances, excluding alkali metals in fusion, pressurized fluorine and at high temperatures.
  • Tenacity and flexibility.
  • Reduced friction coefficient up to very low temperatures.
  • Absolutely zero water absorption.
  • Does not absorb odors or flavors, non-toxic.
  • Complete water resistance.
  • Total resistance to aging, moisture and UV rays.
  • Fireproof.


  • Seals for centrifugal pumps.
  • Sleeves for piston pumps.
  • Spacer rings.
  • Diaphragms and membranes.
  • Blades and protective tapes.
  • Tape for coatings.
  • Stands for valves.
  • Engines reel.
  • Coatings for wires and cables.
  • Thermowells.
  • Filters and mixers.



At Plásticos Bogoan, we provide this material on plates of different thicknesses and sizes, as well as in processed parts.


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